Top Green Trends for Corporate and Residential


The latest trends in green building and remodeling have really changed the way that businesses and homeowners incorporate products, sustainable facilities and water saving systems. Many people have been changing their attitudes towards going green. They find that newer technologies like solar panel shingles have made it easier to remodel and move towards a more efficient household. Energy conservation should be on the forefront of everyone's mind.

Businesses today look at the opportunities that solar panels offer. They can actually pay for themselves if you begin selling your extra energy to utility companies. Powerhouse Solar Shingles have made it even easier for small businesses and homeowners to cut down on their energy usage and become more self-sufficient. In addition, the Cornell Corporation of Wisconsin sells nail base panels and ThermaCal Walls. These draw in energy from both the roof and sides of a building to create more energy. As technology improves, these methods will become more streamlined and cheaper for usage in homes all over the world.

When you think of Las Vegas, the first image is of a diamond in the rough. Neon lights, the strip, casinos and a wide array of entertainment greet millions of travelers as they head to the desert for star-studded vacations. One of the luxurious hotels in this big city is known as the most eco-friendly resort in America. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort incorporates a variety of water saving techniques to save eight million gallons of water every year. A mixture of drip irrigation systems, moisture sensors and artificial turf grass has given this hotel a lot of fame for being energy efficient.

Homeowners can incorporate all of these water saving techniques and a few more inside of their own homes. For instance, water heaters don't have to have a tank of water constantly churning. There is a variety of tankless energy saving water heaters that cut down on water waste. They can also use drip irrigation systems and even reuse water from showers, tubs, washers and dishwashers to water their lawns and gardens.

When you combine all of these methods, you begin to really reduce your carbon footprint. Businesses like the new Las Vegas hotels are continuing to innovate the industry. It's essential that people realize how they can affect the planet just by changing their lifestyles to be greener. 

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