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Piano Moving


piano-moversIt is usually best to have professional help when moving a piano.  If you are going to utilize friends instead , please be aware of how heavy the weight of your piano is, BEFORE you move it.  With enough hands on deck and the right knowledge , it is possible for it to be moved safely.  However, a big upright piano over 48' high or any grand piano 6' long or longer should always be moved by professionals just due to their extreme weight.  Keep in mind, this is a large and valuable piece of furniture. Think about the shear danger of hurting your back and/or  breaking your instrument.

***Look below to see how much preparation a DIY piano move really entails***

  • Check out the route that your piano will travel.  How many stairs?  Is the ground level?  Does your new place have carpeting or hardwood floors? 
  • Can it fit in the doorways easily?
  • Can it fit in your van?  Rental truck?
  • Is your back, legs, body ready for this?
  • Stretch a lot ahead of time before attempting to move this huge equipment.
  • Wear non-slip gloves.
  • Have at least 4 strong guys to move your piano.
  • Before you start moving the piano, make sure the lid is down and locked.
  • Use tons of padding, blankets, and plastic on the outside and secure keys and chords within. The most important part of moving a piano is packing it. Wrapping the piano should protect it from getting scraps and scratches on the surface.
  • Lift with your legs, not your back. You do not want to lift the piano more than a three inches above the ground.
  • You want to move the piano endways, not sideways. You should use a dolly.
    You do not want to move the piano forward or backward more than six inches at a time.
  • Using a dolly?  Thinking about flipping a piano on its side so it can fit although this may not be the best answer because internal mechanisms will often suffer.
  • Be careful when rolling over thresholds or doorjambs.  This can cause damage to the delicate parts inside your piano and to your new floors.  Think of the damage that a large piano can create if not placed down gently on your hardwood floors!
  • Consider the dangers of a stuck caster(small wheels at the ends of the piano legs).
  • Pianos should not be rolled around on their metal casters. The casters are just decorative and not very functional due to the wheels being so tiny.  If they stick in place they'll gouge your hardwood floors or even tear your carpeting!

If you are now convinced to use professional movers, get your free moving quotes for fast and accurate estimates from local movers who can handle this type of job. Our form will help you find the most competitive moving rates from only professional movers. 

  • Start by asking the professionals how they would move your piano.  (You can use the above tips to get specific questions answered.)  Give them the exact weight, height and other particulars regarding your piano. Share the route that the piano instrument would need to travel!
  • Always ask piano movers about their insurance coverage! The amount of insurance should be more than enough to cover your instrument. Contact your homeowner’s insurance agent and ask about arranging for a rider to your policy that would insure the piano while it’s being shipped.  This will cover additional insurance, should you need it.
  • Some piano moving companies will remove the keyboard of the piano so that the piano can fit through doors and narrow hallways. Discuss this with the movers and decide what you would like to be done ahead of time, so that no misunderstandings occur.
  • If you are moving more items on this day, have the movers place your piano in a safe place, out of the way of the rest of your items to be moved.
  • Make sure you tell the movers exactly where you want your piano to be placed within your residence.  Check the positioning several times and make certain this is how you want it.
  • Finally, look over every inch of your instrument and check that it is in working order. 

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