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College Moving 101


So it’s time for your child to go off to college for the first time! Does it seem like yesterday when you were researching the best kindergarten options? How do they grow up so fast?  Well, you have enough to worry about, trying to deal with that freshman year of college with them moving away from the home for the first time. So let us help make that transition to campus as smooth as possible with these tips and tricks for an easy dorm move.

  • Planning for a college move  means you need to plan for limited space.  Contact  the college’s Office of Residential Life to get the dimensions of the dorm room  as well as what items you can and can not bring. 
  • Be sure to find out what your dorm or apartment already has included.  Some schools actually provide a  fridge and or microwave.  Some may not have cable hook up so bringing a TV would be a waste of space and effort. 
  • Have your child get in contact with the  roommate beforehand, so you know what he or she is bringing.
  • Move in early! It usually only costs $25 -30 per day to relocate  prior to the official move-in date for the dorm.   That is well worth it.  There will be less traffic, more parking, shorter lines to get the necessary dorm materials, and easier access to the moving equipment like dollies.
  • You really  need to pack a a fan , especially if your child has a roommate as  rarely will they both agree on the temperature.  Plus you are most likely  moving in late August or  early September which is typically the hottest times of the year. So having a fan handy is totally necessary.
  • A mattress pad is one of the best things you can bring along. Typically dorm room mattresses are thin and not very comfortable. And its important for your child to be comfortable while studying!
  • Be sure you bring a power strip since you ‘ll have a lot of things to plug in like computer power chords fridge, microwave and more!
  • Good storage is essential so try getting  the bed as high as possible for additional  storage underneath. Target has some great bed risers to raise it up to  another level . Then , you can set up a storage system underneath the bed that double stacks.
  • Make your dorm move a green move by utilizing plastic eco friendly containers that can also double as storage containers. Utilize Eco light bulb to save energy, especially if you are paying your own utilities.
  • Living in a dorm does not need to feel like a cramped up closet with no style .  You really can make it feel like home with some area rugs to create a nice color scheme with the bedding.
  • Always use a detailed moving checklist  so you do not forget anything. 
  • You don’t want to pack  too many unnecessary things that can be brought later on, especially since college moving day is so hectic. Pack what is necessary  at first.  You can always get things shipped to you or bring things later on when you go back home.
  • Pack heavier items in little boxes and   lighter items in bigger boxes   It’s just easier to carry that way, especially,  if the  dorm does not have an elevator and you are on an upper floor.
  • Bring lots of man-power, especially  if you have  lot of stairs that need to be climbed in some really hot weather. Consider  hiring a professional moving company by shopping  around for the lowest moving rates in your area.