Celebrity Green Homes


green-celebrity-homesThere are lots of high profile celebrities supporting the environment with green homes. So let's call then green celebrities for  reasons other than them waking way too much money at times. So even though we all can't be as extravagant as them , it's still inspiring to learn what they are doing.

Johnny Depp makes sure his island is very eco friendly.  Nope , that was not a typo.  Johnny Depp purchased a freakin island on the Bahamas but if that sounds very extravagant, give him props for making his property dependent on solar-hydrogen power.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus has been focused on the environment way before her days as Elaine on the Seinfeld.  Get Out! No, really. Her current residence is insulated with recycled newspapers and also contains solar panels. She got all tropical with hardwood materials like Mahogany and bamboo but made sure to keep all other materials local, saving energy for the transportation.

Alicia Silverstone combines her vegetarian green-eating  lifestyle with a passionate green living lifestyle as well.  She  utilizes recycled furniture , rooftop solar panels and most importantly,  only energy efficient appliances.

On the political front, you may as well call Barrack Obama’s white house the green house. First lady, Michelle Obama is bring back the kitchen garden to give a boost to locally grown food as well as education the public to the benefits of fresh produce.  With the help of her green thumb, the white house with be growing their own fresh fruits vegetables and herbs for the first time since Eleanor Roosevelt. And this may promise you , but President George W Bush’s Crawford ranch had taken major strides to be eco friendly. The most notable is Geothermal cooling and heating which conserves 75% less energy than a convention home with a similar size. They also have a gray water system  where their  water gets purified by rain water and recycled before it comes back into the home .  It gets filtered into two different area..Showers/bathroom sinks and toilets/kitchen sinks

Our Green Celebrities continue their eco friendly efforts outside of their homes. Salma Hayak and Jake Gyllenhaal support Global Green and are members of a delegation to the Arctic Circle on Earth Day to create awareness about the effects of climate change. Josh Lucas, Cameron Diaz and Toby Maguire, have participated in fund-raising events benefiting this cause. Kt Tunstall ran her US tour bus on bio-diesel fuel, performed at eco-friendly "Golden Green" at the 2007 Golden Globe awards in Los Angeles. Neil Young: 2004 North American tour fueled entirely with bio-diesel. Bare Naked Ladies run their tour buses and trucks on bio-diesel fuel. Willie Nelson is not only a  singer but also  co-partner in the Willie Nelson Bio-diesel Company. 

Here are some final green celebrity accomplishments. Ward Burton, NASCAR driver and winner of the Daytona 500, is the founder of  the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation, whose mission is to conserve America’s land. Pierce Brosnan focuses on marine mammal and wetland protection, headlined the  Natural Resources Defense Council campaign against effects of Navy sonar on whales, and was awarded 1997 Green Cross International Environmental Leadership Award.  Harrison Ford is the  vice chairman of Conservation International, and  has a Central American ant named after him. He also won the Global Environmental Citizen Award in 2002.  Robert Redford has been on the  board of Natural Resources Defense Council for 30 years,  founder of Sundance Preserve, and winner of 1993 Earth Day award as well as the 1987 United Nations Global 500 award. In April 2007, he launched weekly three-hour slot called "The Green", dedicated entirely to the environment, on his Sundance TV channel.  And finally, Sting is the  founder in 1989 of Rainforest Foundation to protect rain forests and their indigenous peoples.

If you are planning a move into a new home,  don't forget to check out our green moving  and green living tips!

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